Bianca Bradley Wonder if this is how it is traditionally made and how the hell it gets 30-40 proof then.
ok Alcohol recipe
Barenjager: Honey Liqueur Drinks and Recipes
Barenjager honey liqueur is a delicious vodka-based liqueur that can be mixed smoothly into any number of Barenjager drinks or enjoyed straight. Learn more about Barenjager.
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Bianca Bradley Wiki has this to say about it
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Bianca Bradley oooh a blog with history and recipes. Beats Wiki's pants off
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Bianca Bradley
Apparently one of the recipes calls for moselle wine.

decisions decisions.
...wonder if there are any local honey bee makers nearby
Feel free to spread the info and join.
Watched it today on DVD. I loved it except for one small niggling little thing. Can we stop making Hades the God of the Underworld into a gigantic sadistic prick already? If your going to do a movie or a book based on Greek myths, can you stop torturing Hades? Yeesh already.

Here's a hint guys, Hades is also the one that did the Elysian fields. I seriously doubt if he stuck all the souls in his domain with a ball gag whilst he beat them with a cat of nine tails.
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( Jun. 25th, 2010 03:28 pm)
Anyone on my flist do divination, and if so can I beg of one?
I'm showing a link related to Zachary Price. Read the first and second articles. Please see what you can do to help. The grandmother needs money for legal proceedings.

the blogspot where you can donate and find the link to the facebook place.
I've went to the Drudge report and reported annymously on this, can you people do the same

The facebook page discussions
The nasty email from a reporter is an interesting thread

They have a pay pal set up to help with defense

Send to any news people you know would be interested.
Please help me irregardless if your democrat or republican to send to drudge, huckabee
and Sarah Palin(link to be edited in later)

let me know of places I can help you by spreading the word.

oh and if you have faceook please mail Bobb Barr as well.
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( Jan. 9th, 2010 02:38 pm)
Today I am reading Ilona Andrews( a favorite author) post on teapots. See here:

I am currently boiling some black beans with a ham hock(left over bone from the Christmas ham) to make I blame watching Anthony Bourdaine over this.

My kids are cleaning their room, and when hubby wakes up and Allie finishes the kitchen(her chore) I will mop his room.

Meanwhile I have finished browsing the quilt cache place and am waiting to show hubby the blocks I want to make for his brothers wedding quilt. I have fabric, and a lot of ideas but nothing focused. le argh. I am procrastinating on finishing the back for my nieces quilt.(I really think it's due to the kids being home for vacation, leaving me frazzled) I really also need to practice on free motion quilting so I can quilt her quilt together and send it out.

Speaking of tea, I have some pretty tea and coffee fabric to make a couch quilt with. That will be made after the brother in law quilt and the rachels star(long story.)

Also sent out an email lol about Allies progress on sewing.
As you all know Allie is working on making a rag quilt for her first sewing
project, with the sewing machine she got for Christmas( a used one for her
to practice on ). I just wanted to update you on that.

She has got the bobbin winding down. The whole threading the machine, not
quite(it isn't as easy to thread this older one). She practices on a piece
of orange fabric each time. So far the thread has gotten snarled, so
othat means she's done it wrong. I am waiting on Daddy to wake up from
his day time nap(he works nights) to show her how to rethread based on the
diagram we have.

She's getting her blocks cut up and the batting cut up. She hasn't start
ed cutting up the backing yet(an old flannel sheet).

Neena has asked Allie to make her something. I'm thinking once she gets
the hang of threading the machine, and some actual sewing under belt, she
can make Neena a pillow.
One of the gifts Allie received was a sewing machine this Christmas. It cost me 50.00 dollars at a sewing machine shop. It's a refurbished machine she can use to learn to sew on. She also received various pieces of fabric(from my stash as well as stuff I saw on sale that I thought she'd like). I'm going to start her out on a rag quilt.

She's happy about the idea and she's busy laying out fabrics on her bed to figure out her color scheme.

Linky attached to show images of rag quilts
Yes that is the question:)

The various posts I've read on lj on Weather magic and in one case I swear weather empathy, has led me to ponder is there ever a right time to do it? Experiences, both pro and con. Discuss:)

silly me posted this to my journal instead of diverse_pagans which can be found on my profile. Need to figure out how to bold this again.
The program is called The Siberian Mummy. It is focusing on the culture of some siberian culture I can't pronounce.

I really liked the girls belt(or what looks like a beaded girdle to me) I lust after it.
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( Dec. 9th, 2009 10:58 am)

Apparently cntrl b btw lets you move bookmarks to your left. The things I find out by a mistype.
From one of my alliance on Eve online.

If you don't advocate multiculturalism you will go before some sort of tribunal that makes you recant your views, or else it will impact your reputation.

Foxesdaughter how true is that?
Reading about the Sun Bonnet Sues and how womens magazines in their early years gave rise to women in art. Then doing paperbackswap wish list for quilting history.
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( Nov. 18th, 2009 08:31 am)
You know, I love this song. I love the original of this song. I always start belting away at this song.

However it took me years to realize the damn thing was about Elvis.

I still love this song though.

I'm having a head desk moment.


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