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( Aug. 12th, 2008 12:58 pm)
So, apparently Russia has invaded Georgia(a province near Russia, not Atlanta. Though considering Russia is called the Bear and Atalanta was raised by a bear, and is in Georgia U.S, I find a bit bemusing. But I'm weird) Something to do with South cessily(?)

Anyway, listening to Rush go on about it today. He was speculating Russia is gearing back up, due to money from oil, to Soviet Union size. A caller called in. Named Jacob. He has been in this country 30 years, came over form Russia and he's Jewish. He couldn't believe he would ever call into Rush to defend Russia. Apparently he considers the president of Georgia a sack of excrement. I really wish Rush would have let this guy go on, we all could have learned some of the intricacies. But no, he steered the convo, big surprise. I just know, the Georgian president did something(the convo didn't get back on that topic) to the independent media in Georgia. Somehow, Georgia, and it wasn't specific did start this fight, though I'm at a loss to figure that one out. That the Georgian president was more liberal then Obama.

Somewhere between Rush's thoughts, that Georgia really was invaded because it wanted to Join Nato and Georgia's president is a sack of excrement is the heart of the matter. Another rant i have about the news media, because they should be looking into this. One of the reasons I do listen to the conservative radio shows. From callers, I learn things, that I should be hearing on the news. Like from Laura ingraham, who had on a Sheriff from Texas, who informed us that Mexican Army has been on our soil, holding up our border patrol agents, to give cover for drug runners.


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