My daughter is 8, and this is what she wants for Christmas.

A puppy, which is what she really wants, but I've already talked to santa. Not for a while. Not because she isn't responsible, but because Aidan isn't ready to be around dogs. He's ok, but still has some issues that might make a dog neurotic.

Now these are the eye raising ones.

And Ipod, An Iphone(apparently some of these are what kids her age may be getting or what they want) I can see the Ipod, but the Iphone???!!!! O_O O_O

I have no idea what an wetinze is.

The teacher worked with Aidan and the other students. They picked their wish list from a magazine. From what I see he wants a red wagon, a transforming car thing(Daddy would be pleased). Some sort of vtech gadget that has a pen at the side. Cars and trains.

I already know and have memorised what Connor wants. A guitar and firetrucks and dinosaurs and other stuff.


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