Ok, so I'm watching U.S.A(the network) show called: "Burn Notice". Well, they gotta put this moteher and daughter on the run, from some cartel. But poor wittle teenager is mad, cause she can't go to a spring formal, so, knowing these dudes want to seriously hurt her and her mother, she sneaks off to go to a stupid school dance.

drums fingers.

Just how freaking self absorbed must a teenager be, to be that moronic? If, said teenager is that self absorbed, why wasn't said kid beaten more as a child? Ok, maybe it's just me, that wants to smack the ficticous kid upside the head.

Oh and btw, what freaking criminal org, decides to kill someone at a spring formal? No quiet places, would be more appropriate?
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( May. 1st, 2008 12:51 pm)
Ok, it's a white wolf thing, who else uses the terms masquerade. Something is off, though, they seem too "happy". There doesn't seem to be that undercurrent of "danger"

edit, and now they can walk in the daytime. Name of the show is Kindred the Embraced.



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