Love the show. However, ye Gods they use a lot of sugar. Home made frosting, had a stick of butter, cream cheese and get this 3 Cups of confectionary sugar, plus melted semi sweet chocolate. Ok 3 CUPS OF CONFECTIONARY SUGAR????????????? I get a toothache, just thinking of that.

My kids love it, when I make home made icing. Creamcheese and melted semi sweet ghiradelli chocolate. That's it. I'm going to experiment, with some for Connors. Creamcheese and wild blueberries with honey, for the filling. Maybe the other icing on top.

I'm watching them make Watermelon Sorbet. Looks and sounds yummy. But do you really need cornsyrup (I think it was half a cup or more, not sure) and a cup of sugar????


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