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( Dec. 7th, 2007 05:02 pm)
Cleaned out some of my lj inbox. Jason came home early, suprised me, since I expected him home late. He took charge of the kids, thereby reducing some of my pms stress load. Yaye. I mulched some of the flowerbeds the otherday. Need to mulch around the rosemary. Planted some white sage seeds there. We'll see if they take(crosses fingers)

Been reading this.
Waiting for the book I ordered from them to come in. I liked the first in the series, called the Jotunbook.

Researching spiritualism for the writing me and a friend may be doing. I'm in charge of writing the smut scenes. But just because I'm gonna be writing smut, doesn't excuse me from the research of the characters minds and protagonism and yada yada yada yada yada's. Good thing my partner actually knows grammer(looks innocent).

Been scooped a couple of times for photos I wanted to take. I can't remember what the first one was for, but the second one was a pro troop rally in Jackson. He would have let me take the pics(and it may have gone up the wires) but his budget for freelancing can only be used for breaking news story. Scuffs feet. Dag nab it. Oh well, I'll get other opportunities and he is a good editor. I'm just whining cause I wanted it to be me. Whine, Whine, whine...

Thinking of contacting the local branch of the paper, to see if they want me to take pictures of peoples decorations. Some of the locals have gone all out. And it makes a change from if it bleeds it leads.


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