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( Jun. 5th, 2009 02:29 pm)
So I was heading out to let my hubby nap and to look at the 50 percent off fabric sale in the quilt shop. I want to make my brother in law and his soon to be wife a quilt for their wedding. I run over a bike, get out move it out of the way, and notice legos. Bend to pick them up.

I suddenly hear someone say something. Surprised I get up and turn around. There is my ex neighbor holding a card. She says she's been thinking of us since our run in at the grocery store and she's praying for us. I thank her befuddled but happy. We talk for a bit, and she heads out to the beach with her kids.(it's a few hours drive in alabama and they are staying there for the weekend). I comment on her nice sandals. They are cute even if they are irrelevant to this writing.

On my way back home from the quilt shop I open the card. She's enclosed a 100.00 bucks for us to have fun with. O_O O_o Oh my. See me in shock. She really has been thinking of us and I gotta do something nice now, only not sure what.


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