sniff sniff sniff.

I suck at southern cooking. Tried to make chicken fried steak. Couldn't find my meat tenderiser, so I had to borrow my husbands hammer. Smacked the hell outta the meat, between two pieces of wax paper. Put out spelt flour, seasoned it with sea salt, pepper, italian seasoning and paprika. The eggs and milk, I put in cinnamom(wanted a warm feeling), and the same seasonings in the flour. Breaded and fried(half the pan had veggie oil in it). Yeah the breading didn't say on, what the hell did I do wrong there.

Tried to make brown gravy with oninos. Yeah, didn't drain most of the oil, shoot. THere went the gravy, as the roux well............ I didn't have a pot big enough to make that gravy. sigh.

Ok made the mashed taters, which are lumpy, which is fine. I do butter, cheese and milk, my family loves it. The meat was more tender the last time I did it, but hubby didn't like it, something was "off" But the kids liked it a lot.

Ok those of you who know how to do "comfort" food, any clue what I did wrong?? I can do gourmand food, take my mothers cooking and gourmand it, but I can't do regular southern comfort food.

Pitfiful sigh.


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