I'm planting stuff again. About half of the stuff I planted last year made it. I'm disheartened to see my spicebush didn't make it. I'm going to have to get a new one and not sure where I'll put it.

It may have had to do with my soil and the water retention in Mississippi. Apparently coneflowers don't like it and die. We'll see if the milkweed makes it as well.

So I'm starting an area around the basketball hoop. Around it is sage, bronze fennel and yellow day lillies. Behind it is a viburnham and next to it, kinda diagonally will be a pink butterfly bush. I'm hoping to tie some of that in by putting in a pink sage.

I need to think of more host plants that bees and birds would like.

Trying to figure out where in the part shady area to put the Rose of Sharon. DO I put it near the house, or somewhere else.
Which is yaye for me, considering my head hurts. All my body wants to do is sleep. Anyway. I'm meandering slowly. Some of my stuff that I planted last year is coming back, some isn't. For instance, wheres is MY MILKWEED? It's supposed to be good to zone 3. The dillweed I put down this spring, hasn't sprung. The cosmos, which is an easy seed or it used to be, hasn't come up. None of the four o clocks. Very few of the coneflowers, or green wizard rudbeckia seeds, I'm not sure on the hollyhocks or the sunflowers.

What am I doing wrong?

edited for proper question mark placement. Why oh why, do I put periods where question marks are supposed to be?
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( Dec. 5th, 2007 03:50 pm)
Well, I've gotten the bug to go outside and plants stuff. So went to one of the local gardening centers and purchased echinaceas, and another flowering type plant, that I have no idea what it is, but it has pretty purple flowers. Planted a few of them abouts. Hopefully they will self seed. Purchased some seed.
Perennial sunflower
gulf breezes something or other(can't remember)
hollyhocks of various types
bird house gourds(I'm going to try my hand at bird houses)
white sage
and a variety of other assorted things.

Planted some of the seeds about. The perennial sunflowers got put in the front bed at the back(4-8 feet) in the back by the kitchen window, next to the various milkweeds.

I've also mulched with two bales of pine straw. I am tuckered. I mulched over the leaves. Hopefully it will make rich soil.

edited to add
Pinestraw when it first is put down, looks like 80's hair. I've been told it will calm down. If not, I've probably mulched wrong.


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