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( Jun. 3rd, 2009 05:47 pm)

Took some salmon I got on sale. Heated up the stainless steel skillet with a little bit of oil. Ground some pepper on top, added Italian Seasoning and some dill. When both sides were carmelized squeezed lemons on top. Pushed salmon around the pan to soak up deglazed pan and juice. Serve with Salad.

Tuna Steak.

Same as above. Now if your an adult, you can have it raw in side like others do, or like me slightly pink. But since my daughter was primarily going to to eat it, I wanted it cooked.

My kids loved it. Though the boys had fish sticks. My daughter absolutely loves seafood stuff. She wanted more fish later and had an extra fish stick. Hubby loved his salmon and some of my tuna. So it was a hit all around.

Served with salad.


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