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( Feb. 20th, 2008 02:40 pm)
Yesterday, the car acted up, so I of course ran to my trusty mechanic asking him to check the fluids. Trying to give him all the pertinent info and trying not to act like a panicked ninny. Well her referred me to a transmission place. Went there, gut clenched. They did a diagnostic for free. I needed transmission oil, so I have a leak, and the problem is not the transmission but a computer thingy in the car.

Btw the 3000 that I read on genuisofevil(I'm probably spelling this wrong sorry) site, they told me was overpriced unless it was at a dealer. It may also be that I'm in mississippi, but I don't think things drop in thousands of dollars on the state. Apparently with dodge, it will either be the transmission or the computer thing. Computer is cheaper, relatively I have to go to the dealer. Retail 700.00, 325.00 refurbished.

Today I tracked down a dead person. Called the oregon archives, who told me to go to vital records who informed me that death certificates are restricted till 50 years, and I have to be a family and oh btw it would cost 32.00 for a death certificate. I just wanted to know where the body was buried(sigh), archive said it would be on the death cert. That person then told me to go to the oregonian and look at the obituary. Did that and found the name of the funeral home, who will call me back with the information.

I am nancy drew today.


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