Well, this past week, i learned that goldfish, while a tasty snack, do not a good starter pet make. They need bottled spring water, if you don't get the chlorine conditioner. If you decide to go the route of bottled water, get the gallon size, as one bottle will not fill up a goldfish bowl.

The pretty orange and black goldfish, after one day in our house, must have had premonitions of doom, because it gave up, to spare itself further misery. That left us with two goldfish, one orange, and one orange and white, and some cloudy water. Mind you, I had already cleaned that bowl and added fresh water twice. So lesson learned, here, try flakes over pellets.

The third goldfish, decided it's life purpose, was to show, just how much he hated chlorine and cheese. My autistic child, decided he was going to pluck him out of his bowl, put him in the spring water container, with tap water and cheese. I can't get mad, my son was so proud of himself, for sharing the cheese, and making the fish happy. The last one left, valiantly swam around for half a day more, before aquiesing to the inevitable.

On the bonus side, the kids loved them, for the short time they existed in our home. They are inexpensive, and quite pretty. I'm going to try again, with a beta, which hopefully is more durable. If that doesn't work out, pet rocks, as an outside pet, might be my next option.


Needs some editing. But this is the starter of my short article, that I'm hoping to give to parents and kids and maybe another place.


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