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( Jan. 9th, 2010 02:38 pm)
Today I am reading Ilona Andrews( a favorite author) post on teapots. See here:

I am currently boiling some black beans with a ham hock(left over bone from the Christmas ham) to make I blame watching Anthony Bourdaine over this.

My kids are cleaning their room, and when hubby wakes up and Allie finishes the kitchen(her chore) I will mop his room.

Meanwhile I have finished browsing the quilt cache place and am waiting to show hubby the blocks I want to make for his brothers wedding quilt. I have fabric, and a lot of ideas but nothing focused. le argh. I am procrastinating on finishing the back for my nieces quilt.(I really think it's due to the kids being home for vacation, leaving me frazzled) I really also need to practice on free motion quilting so I can quilt her quilt together and send it out.

Speaking of tea, I have some pretty tea and coffee fabric to make a couch quilt with. That will be made after the brother in law quilt and the rachels star(long story.)

Also sent out an email lol about Allies progress on sewing.
As you all know Allie is working on making a rag quilt for her first sewing
project, with the sewing machine she got for Christmas( a used one for her
to practice on ). I just wanted to update you on that.

She has got the bobbin winding down. The whole threading the machine, not
quite(it isn't as easy to thread this older one). She practices on a piece
of orange fabric each time. So far the thread has gotten snarled, so
othat means she's done it wrong. I am waiting on Daddy to wake up from
his day time nap(he works nights) to show her how to rethread based on the
diagram we have.

She's getting her blocks cut up and the batting cut up. She hasn't start
ed cutting up the backing yet(an old flannel sheet).

Neena has asked Allie to make her something. I'm thinking once she gets
the hang of threading the machine, and some actual sewing under belt, she
can make Neena a pillow.


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