Reading about the Sun Bonnet Sues and how womens magazines in their early years gave rise to women in art. Then doing paperbackswap wish list for quilting history.

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I am arguing with idiots, and am just about to bail on [ profile] solitarywiccan

Although. there is some irony in an Asatru Gythia arguing what Wiccan means ;-p

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How do you highlight a community name like that?

Btw I made diverse pagans to take the place of solitarywiccan. If you want to post it there to gain more peeps in diverse pagan.

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Oooh!! Will do!

The link-y is the same as noting a person
It is (without the spaces, except between lj and user, of course):

< lj user="communityname" >

so,[ profile] diversepagans

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Now I know how to highlight a person as well lol.

Hi I'm moonie and I've forgotten my dos prompt edumucation :)


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